How To Avoid Costly Refrigerator Repairs With These 5 DIY Tips


Refrigerator repair can begin to add up in terms of cost depending on the issue at hand. At times, if they estimated cost of repairing your fridge runs in excess of what your fridge cost in the first place, you may even begin to think about replacing your current model with a new model.

As a responsible homeowner, you need to be on top of the condition of your refrigerator, making sure to check on a few things to ensure proper function. The great thing is that these are easy things just about anyone can do in their own home:

Clean Around Your Entire Fridge – The name of the game is keeping the condenser coils clean. They are located in different places on different models, but their function is the same. If they happen to be covered in dirt & dust, heat isn’t able to dissipate, making your fridge work harder.

Let Food Cool Down – More people are cooking in larger batches either to meal plan or to have available meals in the freezer. Inevitably, the warm to hot food is just chucked into the fridge. This makes your fridge work extra hard to maintain temperature. The extra work can put a lot of undue stress on your fridge, so let your food cool off before putting it away.

Door Seal Function – A thin piece of paper is the right tool to check if your fridge seal is working well. If the paper comes loose easily, it means that the seal isn’t tight enough & cool air is lost.

Keep Things Covered – Your fridge tries to maintain a cold, dry area. Food that isn’t covered can actually add moisture, which makes your fridge work harder to remove it.

Fill Empty Space – Using empty soda bottles, juice containers, or even store bought water jugs can help keep your fridge full when you aren’t packing it to the gills. It helps keep things cold so your refrigerator doesn’t have to work as hard. As an added bonus you will always have water for the zombie apocalypse.

DIY refrigerator repair is perhaps a misnomer, but the idea that you can prevent costly repairs from happening is pretty nice & an easy way to join the DIY craze!

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